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Phillips Divorce Law has an extensive history in litigation matters focusing on family and child welfare litigation. With John’s great success, he is found to be a highly recommended Calgary Family Lawyer that works so his client’s get the best results possible while remaining fair and honest in every legal matter. Phillips Divorce Law has the knowledge and passion to deliver the results you deserve to protect your family.


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Are you looking for free legal advice and information on child support, spousal support, or protection order matters? You have come to the right place, John E. Phillips has extensive knowledge and experience in all of these Calgary family law areas and more. John is a highly knowledgeable Calgary Family Law Attorney who will listen to you. John is a compassionate individual that is ready to take on your Calgary family law case. Let Phillips Divorce Law help you protect what matters most to you and call us today for a free consultation.


Competitive Calgary Family Lawyer Rates

This is a hard time for you, we understand that. Phillips Divorce Law does not want to put more stress on you than there already is. This is why Phillips Divorce Law does not focus on the profit they can make on your case. Instead, their  passion is to help you settle your situation and carry on with a better future. Get your life on track with no surprise fees. Don’t let legal fees prevent you from protecting what matters most to you. Call us and take control of your life.


Things to Consider when Hiring a Calgary Family Lawyer

Family Law can be a tough battle to go through, and this is why you need a highly knowledgeable family lawyer on your side that has your best interest in mind. Along with being highly educated on family law in Calgary, your lawyer should also be passionate, honest and maintain an open line of communication with you.